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What Patients Are Saying
"I went to see Dr. Myers because I was experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes & mood swings. I was a little pessimistic as to whether or not a natural medicine approach would work, but wanted to give it a a try.  She did a complete history and background intake on my health, my physical health and emotional health; I was impressed with the time she took to do this.  It was obvious that she truly cared!  This was a much different approach than I had experienced with other doctors.  I had twice made reference to peri-menopausal symptoms with my primary doctor and was told that there really wasn't anything that could be done for me at this stage in my life.  After a few visits with Dr. Myers she had me start taking some natural medicines/supplements and within the first 2 weeks of taking them my symptoms were almost completely gone!  Thank you Dr. Myers!"  ~ Kari

"I have been seeing Dr. Myers for about 3 years now. I started to see her to treat headaches and arthritis pains. And after a few consultations, I was a different person. She made a huge difference and continues to do so. Not only is she really good at what she does, but she is also a very nice and caring person. She listens to me and gives advice. I really feel she does everything that she can to make me feel better with my body and mind."   ~ Carla

"Dr. Myers helped me through two pregnancies, with treatment for sciatica and excessive swelling.  Her massage was the only thing I found that effectively kept my sciatica in check and kept me feeling well throughout my pregnancies.  I've continued going to Dr. Myers post-pregnancies for general care because I so value her holistic approach.  In addition to massage to reduce pain she has always helped me identify what behaviors I can change, how I can modify my diet, and stretches I can do, and other treatments I can pursue to reduce symptoms.  Her advice has always been very well grounded and effective and I really value what she adds to my wellness care."  

~ Charlotte

"Dr. Myers is incredibly knowledgeable in family counseling.  She is very supportive.  Her guidance is always spot-on and has helped me cope with family and work stress."   ~ Tony

"I've been visiting Dr. Myers for several years.  She's helping me with reducing the effects of cerebral palsy.  Dr. Myers is also my main doctor for general health care.  The greatest thing about her is she's a good listener.  You will never feel her rushing, and only wanting you to schedule more appointments.  She will take time to listen, and discuss options.  Also, since great people know great people, doctors she referred me to were great.  If you are looking for great care, natural options to deal with your health issues, and great referrals, she's the right person."   ~ Vytas

"Dr. Myers treated me through most of my pregnancy, as well as post partum. She knew just how to treat my circulation problems and nerve and muscle pain. Dr. Myers truly understands the human body and thus gets at the root of the problem (not just the symptoms). With her experience in counseling, she also has fantastic bedside manner. She really listens to her patients."   ~ Andi

"Deborah cared for me leading into and during my pregnancy. I was fortunate enough to be able to see her each week for massage, but our sessions were always more than a back rub. Deborah always genuinely inquired after my health and wellbeing, and not only listened to me outline my various ailments, but provided ideas, honest feedback, and positive reinforcement that always led to me feeling better - inside and out. Her encouragement throughout the pregnancy made me feel confident and calm. I was fortunate enough to deliver a healthy, calm, baby girl who has quickly adjusted to life outside the womb - and I can honestly attribute her zen to the weekly sessions we spent with Deborah."   ~ Blair

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